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The Vocational Evaluation Forensic Certificate program is a short-term training certificate that exists for professionals and paraprofessionals who desire to work in the field of vocational rehabilitation. This certificate incorporates current knowledge and training on societal trends in the areas of economics, forensics, employment, and evaluation, serving to enhance and improve students’ education, ultimately leading to greater employment for individuals with disabilities.

  • Assist individuals with disabilities in achieving positive employment outcomes.
  • Help individuals with disabilities identify career and educational interests.
  • Apply evidence-based practices to empower individuals with disabilities.
  • Engage in social justice and advocacy in your daily work.
  • Auburn University hosts the Iota Delta Sigma chapter of Chi Sigma Iota, an international honors society for students, professional counselors, and counselor educators. Memberships are offered to students enrolled in graduate school degrees such as the Clinical Rehabilitation Counseling program.
  • Faculty will teach the core classes of the certificate program including Introduction to Rehabilitation and Case Management, providing a high quality and expert experience in coursework.
  • The Clinical Rehabilitation Counseling Program is accredited by the Council for Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Programs (CACREP)
  • Cost of attendance: $546/credit hour (graduate resident), $1,638/credit hour (graduate non-resident), and $630/credit hour (Distance Education)
    The tuition calculator can be utilized in determining the cost of attending the certificate program including fees. For more details on Distance Education, please refer to the College of Education Online Course Fees table.


(Virtual) Open House
Please join us for a virtual open house on October 4th, 2022 from 4:00 – 5:00 pm CST to learn more about the VEFC Program. Please use the zoom link below to access the open house.


Individuals with a bachelor’s or master’s degree are eligible. Students in the AU Clinical Rehabilitation Counseling program are also eligible for the VEFC program. Students who have previously obtained a Bachelor’s degree will have enhanced competencies to serve individuals with disabilities.


The VEFC certificate program at Auburn University is grant-funded by the Rehabilitation Services Administration (RSA) within the U.S Department of Education. The program is a one-year, six course, graduate certificate allowing both on campus and online undergraduate and graduate students education in vocational rehabilitation. New cohorts will begin each Fall. Up to 15 scholarships will be available to fund students each year.


How to Apply
Applications include submission of undergraduate and/or graduate transcript(s), reference forms, a writing sample, and a letter of intent. Interviews will be conducted for a final selection for admission. The due date to apply for Fall 2023 admission is February 12th, 2023. Upon submission, applications will be reviewed as soon as possible and until all available spots are filled.


Helpful Links
Special Education Rehabilitation and Counseling
Clinical Rehabilitation Counseling
Student Financial Aid


Course Rotation

SemesterCourse Information
FallCOUN 7520 – Introduction to Rehabilitation and Case Management
This course focuses on the history and development of the rehabilitation movement inclusive of its legal base, philosophies, concepts, and current trends. The rehabilitation process and its application are examined from the perspective of the person with a disability and the rehabilitation professional.

RSED 7310 – Proprietary Rehabilitation
This course is an overview of vocational rehabilitation in private sector rehabilitation. The student will be acquainted with case management and vocational expert witness work in settings which draw from workers compensation, personal injury litigation, social security, and other third-party funding sources.

SpringCOUN 7130 – Vocational Evaluation
This course provides knowledge regarding the intent and use of assessment in the field of vocational rehabilitation counseling and evaluation, including selection, administration, scoring, and interpretation/recommendations of assessment methods and tools (e.g., standardized instruments in the areas of intelligence, aptitude, achievement, interests, and personality).

COUN 7950 – Emerging Adulthood & Transition in Rehabilitation
This course introduces the transition process of youth with disabilities from school to adulthood and employment with emphasis on the developmental stage emerging adulthood.

SummerCOUN 7930 – Advanced Theories
This course includes intensive study of advanced theories within rehabilitation counseling, as well as an examination of outcome research relating to the use and application of these theories and techniques.

COUN 7110 – Occupational, Career, & Placement Services
This course is designed to familiarize students with career theory and methods used by rehabilitation practitioners to analyze and apply vocational techniques to place individuals with disabilities.

18 credit hours total


Student Testimonials

When I started working as a vocational evaluator, I wasn’t sure whether my reports and testing strategies were good enough compared to experienced evaluators, even though I have my CRC. The VEFC not only opened the door for me to explore new opportunities in the forensic field, but it also helped me strengthen my skills and confidence in my work. I now feel prepared and ready to apply for the CVE and move towards the forensic profession. Thanks so much!

– Martha Caraballo

My experience as a student of the VEFC program has truly been one to remember. I can not speak more highly of my professors throughout the program. With each semester, I have gained more knowledge and insight into the world of forensic rehabilitation, and vocational evaluation. I feel confident as I will move forward into the world of forensic rehabilitation in the near future! Thank you to the faculty and staff for assisting me with each step along the way.

– Yvette Hester

The VEFC program was phenomenal. The instructors made sure we understood the course content and made it applicable. We had a well-rounded experience including proprietary rehabilitation, which gave us practical steps for forensic related services. I highly recommend this program.

– Adefunke Dadematthews

My experience with the VEFC program was extremely positive.  Adding the VEFC to the CRC curriculum allowed me to view the role of the clinical rehabilitation counseling professional as an extension beyond agency-based VR services that comprised work and disability case analysis, workers compensation/injured worker review, specialized legal proceedings/hearings, SSI/SSDI disability case management and catastrophic case review.  The VEFC program was a great addition to my master’s degree!

– Cortina McMiller-Bradley


For additional information, please contact forensicrehab@auburn.edu.



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